Thursday, February 22, 2007

TAST week 8 - Fly stitch

Woo hoo!!! I caught up with the weeks!
This weeks stitch is the fly stitch. I've just done the basics again, but I can see the possibilities are endless.
Fly stitch
I also wanted to share one of the things my mom brought back with her from grandma's.
Embroidery piece
As you can see it is stained (don't know what with) and someone has even already started working on it.
Emboidery piece2
However my grandma doesn't know who so it was probably one of my aunts. Mom found it in a drawer that had 45 year old fabric.
Emboidery piece3
As the piece is stamped with the pattern, I won't be washing it until I finish it. Now why mention it here?
What a great way to use the new stitches I'm learning!

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Susan said...

What a treasure those pieces are. I was going to say how wonderful to find such old fabric, and then I realized it probably dates back to when I was in high school. =)