Sunday, August 08, 2010

Week 10 - This is just gross

Monday: Where the hell did this belly come from?! I'm not a full 3 months yet and I'm looking like I'm 4. I know I started out 30 lbs overweight, but still! Thank the gods for whomever invented the BE Band. I'm guessing someone took their old spandex mini and turned it into a belt, but darn works! I don't heve to dip into the kids school clothes fund to cover my bottom half in public. Yet.

And the consentrated poop from hell...ugh!

I think I've ddetermined the real reason for contipation. It's to get you ready for those long hours of pushing when you're in labor. Admit it body...that's the real reason.

I've got myself a 'tree hugger' friendly bottle, this past weekend, to carry a drink (usually water) around with me everywhere. I filled it with ice and water this morning and by 2 pm, it has not sweated and is still rocking the ice cold goodness! Thermos brand, how I love thee. Now if only my kids would quit losing you, so I can get you for their lunches.

Tuesday: Holy cow! I thought my tummy was done expanding for the week! I can only zip up my pants an inch.

Wednesday: Rough day. Woke up with 'morning' sickness that lasted all day. And I'm tired. And whiney. I just want to curl up in bed with a book. Same on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday: Felt better today. After spending the morning shopping for clothes for TeenGirl, I spent the rest of the day either trying to read, stitch, or play on the computer. Didn't accomplish much of anything.

Sunday: Clam Chowder for supper! Plus I made enough for leftovers. My family better not eat it all while I'm at work Monday.

Like: Peaches, Black cherries, 11 hours of sleep a night, Poise

Dislike: Chocolate (WHF!), Necterines and any other tart fruit, lemonade (use to be the staple of my drinks at work)

Craving: Cheese, Potatoes, Cheese Enchiladas, sleep

Monday, August 02, 2010

No time no...see?

Wow has this past year and a half been busy! I changed jobs at the beginning of this year, although I am still contracted to the same company. I like the change in daily work, but I'm still not sure if I like the job (I'm having culture clashes with my co-workers. Nice people, but some things just get on my nerves. I'm sure it is the same for them, too). On hubby's professional side of things, he's starting a new business venture. I can't talk about it yet, but as soon as he's ready to go live, I'll have links.
On the personal side...
I haven't been working on my needlework too much (hardly at all), but I've been reading a lot. My hands needed the rest, but I'm starting to get the itch to pick it back up again.
The TeenGirl is 16. The Boy is 8. And unexpected of all is this:

That's right! Baby #3. ETA 28-February-2011, so that puts me at 10 weeks now.
We had been wanting a third, but about three years ago, we came to the conclusion that it would happen, if it happened.
Well, it happened and we freaked. And excited. And nauseous. (Wait, that last one is just me.)
So far, like the others, I have "morning" sickness, but this time it is a lot less...and mostly in the evenings. As a whole, I feel in a better place with this pregnancy; physically and mentally.

I feel the need to get the thoughts in my head out, again, so I've started this back up. So updates will follow...