Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I could have sworn I haven't read this

There are occasions where I have read a book and then forgotten that i read it, until I picked it up again and got halfway through the book wonder why I know what is going to happen next. This usually happens with series that have long stretches of time between each book.
The most recent of these is buying "A Storm of Swords" by George R. R. Martin three times, reading halfway through it, then realizing 1.) I've already read the thing, and 2.) Oh, look, there it is on my book shelf. Luckily, the bookstore has understood each time, and the book was in good shape, so I was able to return it. One of those times to a cashier who was laughing her ass off at me (Thanks, sis).
This does not happen often with me, as I usually know exactly what books are on my shelves at home. I mainly run into picking up the same book over and over again at the library. Or wondering while I'm there if I've read a certain book. Or my husband asking my opinion of a book we both know I've read, but can't remember reading it.
So, I've decided to start keeping track of the books I've picked up to read, and the one's I've actually read. Maybe even comment on those I have read. Maybe. Quite honestly, my book reviews have only ever made sense to me; made it hard to get passing grades on those book reports in school. The last reviews I gave hubby of a couple of books:

King Dork by Frank Portman - Put yourself in the mindset of a teenager and read. You'll laugh your ass off. Will be a good read for TeenD when she stops thinking kissing is gross.

The Road by Cormac McCarthy - Do Not Read If Prone To Depression And/Or Suicide. Seriously, by page 5 I was contemplating finding the good kitchen knife and taking it to my wrists. I didn't even attempt to make it to page 6, and just took it back to the library. It still took me several days to pull myself out of that depression.
This book is now on my very short list of books I've started, and will never finish. I believe that list is only 2 or 3 books long. (I'm kind of anal about finishing a book I start. I keep thinking that it will get better.)

Funniest multiple book purchase ever Award: Goes to my Mother!
One year I got the same book from my mother 6 times. That's right, she bought and wrapped the same title 6 times and never caught on until I opened them Christmas Day. It's even possible she picked up two of the copies in the same trip.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy hands

It has been sometime since I had any stitching updates, I believe. Not only do I have some progress to report on a couple of projects, I have a finish as well!

I'll start with the one that has the least amount done.
Here is the 100 hour picture of Winter White Tree Skirt:
Progress 10/20/07
I'm almost 1/5 complete with the project (not counting sewing the thing into a tree skirt).

Now "The Enchanter", who is almost done (210 hr of work):
Progress 09/08/07
All I have left to do is back stitching and the embellishments. Since I've freed up a scroll rod with my completed piece, I can move this to the scroll rods, making the finishing easier. Too much cording and embellishments to allow for using a hoop easily.

Now for the finish...
Started August 2005, with approximately 124 hours of stitching, I give you...

"North American Beauties" by Michael Adams. Dimensions kit on 18ct White Aida.

I am particularly glad to have this one done. The confetti half stitches drove me nuts. I resorted to parking just to have a place to anchor thread. The back is a mess because of that, but no worries; I'm making it into a pillow.

Now what to start next...

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Work, work, work...and a "little" bit of music

Contract negotiations and infrastructure re-orgs has left me little time for me. What time I do have is spent offline stitching, reading, and getting the Kindergartner into his new routine.
Oh yes, and lots of music.
Music always seems to be the one constant. Even when I have a rip-roaring migraine, a little bit of background noise can help me get the focus off the pain. And my musical taste range from classical to death metal. My favorite band of all time is Def Leppard. Not one that most people would chose, I know, but I love how their music has grown with them. (Or have they grown with their music?)
Now for a musical interlude...
Here is Avenged Sevenfold with their new single "Almost Easy" from the upcoming self-titled album (release date 10/30/07).

I have to say, I'm a sucker for anyone who can work an evil laugh into their song.

What is your favorite singer or band? And why?