Saturday, June 28, 2008

Slowly Getting Back to Speed

Not a lot of stitching has been happening over the past month thanks to both the PC crash and some massive knots in my upper back and neck. Give ya' three guesses where I store my stress!

BUT...I got the camera software loaded and pictures taken!

First up is "Book of Ink Circles" (BoINK):
Progress 05/27/08
I am loving this one! I put in about 30 hours on it before I got 'sick' of it. Then after 2 hours into the next project, I wanted to pick it back up again!

I'm up to 200 hours on the "Winter White Tree Skirt":
Progress 06/06/08

And "Winter's Grazing" is still almost done:
Progress 06/13/08
I'm thinking about 20 - 30 more hours to complete it.

I've also restarted the Project Challenge. My goal is 15 or more project finishes before I splurge buy again. I had to take advantage of Cross My Heart Inc, going out of business sale. I have the "Earth Dragon" and wanted the other three elemental dragons before they became impossible to find. The good news, however, is I used the money I made off of the stash I have been selling to buy them. Bonus is that it makes hubby happy too. (He like when I buy for myself on occasion, but knows how our finances have been lately.)
On that note, hubby has picked up a full time job to supplement our income. For those who did not know, he is a real estate investor, and his income was affected by the housing crash. He had to change strategies (yeah, commercial property), however commercial property has a longer turn over rate (at least in regards to money coming in to feed and cloth the kids). So now my poor man is working 120 hours a week.

Now about this year's swimsuits. After two stores and 20+ different suits, I've found that manufacturers think everyone is an 'A' cup (including plus size women) and we want to cover the nipple only. Seriously, I get better support and coverage by going topless! On the up side, I got a new pair of shorts and they are a 10! (Yes folks, that's down from an 18 at the beginning of last year.)

Anyone know of any stores that sell swimsuits that have coverage and support? I'm talking 'XL' top (think D-cup)and 'L' bottom. I don't mind showing off cleavage. Just not down to my navel. Oh, and no bikinis, please. Trust me, no one wants to see these stretch marks.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Good News!

In some freak coincidence, it turns out I have not lost several things that were going to take a long time in recreating. I had saved a coupe of things on a memory stick so I could work on them, on a laptop, while I watched TV. So the list of what I have:
  • My stitching To-Do list - this will make it a little easier tracking down the freebie patterns I really want.
  • A pattern catalog of all the cross stitch magazines I have (this was the big one I was dreading recreating), now I just have to add the magazine itself into the stash software.
  • List of everything on my Stash to Go Blog (along with the list of everyone who has bought from me).
  • My resume - I even have the latest copy of it, so I won't have to track down my old, not updated for 5 years, hard copy, which is somewhere in the house...I think?
  • Some web links - unfortunately no cross stitch links, but I think i have most of those memorized anyway (GRIN)

As for The Gift of Stitching, it turns out I had not moved this year's issues from my work computer to my home yet, so yeah! Also Kristen has contacted me about replacing the ones I have lost (2006 and 2007) at a discount. Kristen, consider yourself a bear.

All the critical software is loaded, bills have been payed, and I will load miscellaneous software as I need it, so I am up and running 75%.

Thank you everyone for you well wishes!!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I've lost everything, almost.

My home computer has been giving me problems for the past month or so to where it reached the point I decided it was time to reload the OS. This is not a problem for me. Reloading the OS is a yearly (practically) event, and I keep all my data on a secondary hard drive, as well as backup my settings, so recovery is never an issue.
Until now...
I followed the directions reloading the OS, select the hard drive to be formatted, load OS, etc., but every time I'd boot up after the reload it would come up with the original load. How is this possible when I'm completely erasing it?!? I was getting frustrated until I looked at my drive in Windows; I had been reformatting my spare data drive. Yep! I deleted all of my data, files, pictures, and most importantly, the backup to everything!!!
Can you now imagine how pissed off with myself I was? The one thing I always remember, I forgot. The spare data drive is the larger hard drive, so (hardware wise) it is set as the primary drive. When running the OS install, it see the primary drive as the drive to load the OS and automatically 'names' it C:\. So whenever I reload the OS, I disconnect the primary drive (inside the PC) and force the secondary drive to become the primary, load the OS, then reconnect the primary again.
Never an issue.
No Important Data Ever Lost! Until now...

Stupid techie move on my part. This all occurred on Friday (hence the no pictures of cross stitch updates), and I have been rebuilding the PC since then. I've resigned myself to starting over from scratch on everything...stash database, finding my links, searching down those free patterns I had downloaded, my stitching to-do list, household books (OMG, if you order a download from Quicken, they keep it in your user profile and you can reload the software with out issue....YEAH!), getting all my passwords reset for those I don't remember, pictures...the list is long, but it was not going to cost me money, just time. This morning I remembered something else, as I was continuing with the OS updates and loading the essential softwares, I just lost two years of an online magazine, The Gift of Stitching. Something I'd go ahead and write off if it wasn't for the fact there are projects in them that I want to do. Projects that are spread out over several issues, and getting back order copies aren't free. So much for it not costing me monetarily.

I wonder if the Physical Therapist is going to notice an increase in muscle tension?

Damn I want to whine...