Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Good News!

In some freak coincidence, it turns out I have not lost several things that were going to take a long time in recreating. I had saved a coupe of things on a memory stick so I could work on them, on a laptop, while I watched TV. So the list of what I have:
  • My stitching To-Do list - this will make it a little easier tracking down the freebie patterns I really want.
  • A pattern catalog of all the cross stitch magazines I have (this was the big one I was dreading recreating), now I just have to add the magazine itself into the stash software.
  • List of everything on my Stash to Go Blog (along with the list of everyone who has bought from me).
  • My resume - I even have the latest copy of it, so I won't have to track down my old, not updated for 5 years, hard copy, which is somewhere in the house...I think?
  • Some web links - unfortunately no cross stitch links, but I think i have most of those memorized anyway (GRIN)

As for The Gift of Stitching, it turns out I had not moved this year's issues from my work computer to my home yet, so yeah! Also Kristen has contacted me about replacing the ones I have lost (2006 and 2007) at a discount. Kristen, consider yourself a bear.

All the critical software is loaded, bills have been payed, and I will load miscellaneous software as I need it, so I am up and running 75%.

Thank you everyone for you well wishes!!

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Meari said...

Glad to hear not ALL is lost. I'm happy for you!