Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hurricane Ike - Back to the "Civilization", Pt. 1

We survived Hurricane Ike with no major losses. We just got power back last night, so I'm catching up with bills and replenishing the groceries. I'll get an update on the past week as soon as I find the time.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

That's 2 Hurricanes/TS's many to go?
Thanks to being prepared, once again we are getting squat from the storm. Which is perfectly fine with me.
Hubby finished fixing my dryer and I went on a laundry rampage; got a weeks worth of laundry done in one day. Woohoo!!! No need to worry about until later in the week now. Since I'm still getting used to the schedule, my guess is I'll spend that extra time catching up on sleep and/or reading.
I just finished reading "The Snow Queen" by Mercedes Lackey. Good upbeat fantacy story, even if it was predicatable, thanks to the fairy tale premise.
Now I'm in the middle of reading "Dreamsong II" by George R. R. Martin, and found a couple more books, that he had a hand in, which I'll need to add to my To-Read list.

It's the beginning of the month , so back to the monthly reports.