Thursday, February 22, 2007

TAST Week 7 - Feather stitch

Week 7's Take A Stitch Tuesday stitch is the feather stitch.

I decided to just a row of free handed feather stitching.

Creativity is at all time low. I'm able to catch up on the stitches of the past several weeks because I have a migraine. The repetitive nature of stitching allows me to lull myself into a stage where pain is almost nonexistent. Unfortunately, as soon as I stop, the pain comes back with a vengeance.

This particular migraine of mine is lasting longer than the ones I've had over the past year or so, but by no means my worst one to date. In the small snatches of lucidity between med doses, I'm realizing that I'm losing blocks of time. It is always interesting to come back later to find what I have done during that time. Boy is it a good thing that I've trained myself not to say something stupid to my boss during these times.

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