Monday, February 26, 2007

My daughter is no longer a little girl

This weekend was the women's retreat I attend once a quarter, and we had a coming of age ceremony for my daughter. It was great, fun, and driven by many tears as we gifted my daughter with presents and knowledge.
Now, unfortunately, no one even thought to bring a camera, so there are no pictures; just memories.

But have no fear, I do have a picture for you. Here is Mill Hill's Spooky Garden, which I completed this weekend.

All thread and beads that came with the kit, but done on 14ct Mushroom Aida.

I lost several chunks of time last week from the migraine, so this week is a surprise to me. The end of February already! You know what this means?

For me, it's end of month reports at work. I swear I just finished them last week.


Meari said...

Congrats on finishing Spooky Garden. The ceremony for your daughter sounds very touching. I hope your migraines stay at bay for a while. No fun :(

Michele said...

somehow I think she'll always be your little girl .. but the retreat sounds very special .. when we forget the camera, we say we are taking mental pictures! lol

sugardoll said...

Oh my! What a cute finish. I love the embellishments! Congratulations! =D