Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh, Sweet Bliss That Is Sleep...

and massages.

I was, finally, able to sleep last night. Not my full 10 hours (yes, I really do need that much sleep every night), but enough to able to fuction much better today.

This morning, as I was finishing my breakfast, the Desktop Suppport Manager stopped by to let us know she hired a massuse for the day and to go sign up for a slot. Now I am not one to turn down a massage...EVER. To my glorious delight, the slot were 20 minutes long, and after lunch we were told that many of the techs had cancelled and we could get in a second time.
Oh, I am so relaxed right now, its...lovely? Not the word I'm wanting, but the only one I can come up with right now. I'm blissfully relaxed.

Hubbby declaired tonight to be leftover night at the house, so no cooking for anyone (especially me)! Which means I'll get a chance to pick up the livingroom a little, and work on Tanager for awhile. Eureka is also on. I'm loving the show. The character's interaction are great. Plus, I recognize many of my friends in them.

Did I mention I was relaxed?

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Meari said...

Oh how I could go for a massage! You lucky girl!!