Monday, August 28, 2006

Insomniatic musings and SBQ

I hate having insomnia. Even more so when the next day is a weekday. Not even laying in bed for an hour, getting up for an hour is enough to wear me out so I can sleep. And the brain works overtime. I'm picking apart every little thing. Sheesh, even if I passed out right this second, I would only get one and a half hours of sleep before having to get and go to work. Like driving a car would be safe at this point; I'm defiantly NOT 18 anymore.
Luckily I am able to telecommute for work, so as soon as I'm done typing this, I'll login and email my boss letting her know I'll be working from home today, and why. Then leave a note (you know, just in case I really do fall asleep anytime soon) for my husband to have him wake me up by a certain time and only allow me to take 1-one hour nap today. I already have a wet towel in the freezer for if I need "nudging" to wake me up (you take the frozen towel out, run it under cold water to soften it up, lightly squeeze out the excess, and casually drop on the sleeper).

Last week was really rough at work, hence having no time to blog, or do much of anything else (read as: Lisa had no time to stitch, so she had no time to unwind, which made her CRANKY by Wednesday) except to get sick with a cold, which I was nice enough to share with my daughter. I know I gave it to her, and not the other way around, because I had the milder version. Open cubicle and floor concept at work=BAD idea.
However, Friday was my day off, so I played catch-up in the stitching department (much to my numb fingers horror) and worked on Tanager and a piece for the Bakers Dozen RR. No pictures yet, I'll do that later in the week.
Saturday was spent packing Granny's dining room and kitchen. The family is taking turns on the weekend packing up her house, so we can (among several things) replace the floor in her house before she falls through it. We're hoping to have her all packed up in the next three weeks, so that all the repairs needed will be done by Thanksgiving.
Saturday night, hubby and I were supposed to see a friend, who had a gig with her band, but as I was still feeling crummy (and not want to spread the cold), I stayed home and sent hubby out for a night of fun. He had fun, loved the music, and bought their CD (yep, I'm linking it again). However, I have yet to hear it, because he won't give it up.
Sunday was the usual uneventful house cleaning and stitching. Although, I've been watching BBC's ShakespeaRe-told on Sundays lately. Last night's was the retelling of "The Taming of the Shrew", and it was hilarious. Shirley Henderson (Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter movies) played Kate (Katherine) and Rufus Sewell (Count Adhemar from "A Knight's Tale") as Pete (Petruchio) were great together. I've added to my list of must have movies. I've always been a fan of Shakespeare, and a little snobbish when it come to the retelling of his works. BUT, I was impressed with this one. It has bumped "10 Things I Hate About You" down the list, but lets be honest. I really like that one for the eye-candy of Heath Ledger.

Time: 4:43 AM and my body is saying it's time to lay down and close my eyes. Now guarantees I'll get sleep, but at least the eyes will get some rest. Also, did you know that the spell check on this thing does not recognize the word 'blog'?

Time: 10:53 AM and still no sleep. I believe I'm on my 20th wind now. Only one cup of caffeine; my morning tea.

A news article caught my eye this morning, "Many in hurricane-prone areas still aren't prepared."
I have to answer that with a big 'ol responding "DUH!"
They people who don't need to panic, do. And the people who need to get the hell out of the path of a catastrophic storm sit back and wait for it.
My husband and I have pretty much agreed that for a Cat 1-3 hurricane, we will stay in our house, as long as the windows get boarded. A Cat 4+, we will vacate to higher ground. Not because we need to worry about flooding or damage (although the trees could cause damage), but because if there is going to be looting, we want to be able to see them coming from a mile or two away, literally. Besides, the farm is the best place to handle living "in the rough", everything is already there.
I must say that hurricanes are good for cleaning out your freezer of food that has been there for awhile. When Hurricane Rita headed towards us, we were eating steak and lobster, chicken and dumplings, and my son was chasing the animals asking if we were going to eat them when the power went off. The dogs were not amused.

On to the :
This weeks SBQ was suggested by Anna M. and is:
What do you keep your WIPs and other stitching supplies in when traveling?

I have a tote bag with an section of Aida on it, that someone sent me (I'm sorry whoever did, I forgot who), on which I stitched the phrase "Need has nothing to do with it". In that I carry at least 2 projects in their own large ziploc bags, one hoop, and a little deco bag (that I receive from Silkweaver when they had their SOTM club) that has a magnetized Needle Nest (with spare needles and straight pins), a pair of folding sissors, a clover cutter, and a needle threader. I also usually carry spare DMC kits and freebies to hand out to people who are interested in what I'm working on. The occational book slips in too.

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