Friday, May 09, 2008

A Cause Close To My Heart

Being a woman, Breast Cancer Awareness is very near and dear to me. Not just because I'd still like to use mine to feeding purposes again (Yes Mom, we are trying again) or garner appreciative looks from members of the opposite sex, but because many women in my own family have had, and beaten breast cancer. And each one in their own flamboyant way (more on that in future posts).

There are a couple websites and blogs out there I visit on a regular basis (and not so regular), as well as donate to. The one that brought on this post is Stitch Pink. Kim started this blog to bring awareness of the importance of breast screening, and early detection of breast cancer to the stitching world. She is currently running a contest for this:

5 winners will receive 10 pink fibers (thanks to Laurel at Laurel's Stitchery). All you need to do is leave a comment there!

Another site I visit on a daily basis is The Breast Cancer Site. You click a button daily, ad the sponsors will donate money for Free Mammograms!
As someone who had to start getting mammograms long before insurance will pay for them. Thanks to family history, I started at 29. Most insurances won't pay until your 35 (30 if your lucky), and mammograms are not cheap things.
But today I found a shirt in their store that I've decided I've got to have. It's a tank top with a pink "vertical swirl". I could SOOOOO see myself wearing this at a concert! Nevermind the fact that many of us shop there for family Christmas presents. that is just too long to wait.

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