Sunday, April 20, 2008

Project Updates

Finished up another set of 10 hour blocks on a few projects...

"Winter's Grazing" - 60 hours total. This is on a set of scroll bars so it is hard to show everything I've finished.
Progress 60 hours

wXSw Mystery SAL - 40 hours total.
SAL Progress 40 hours

"October Box" - 20 hours total
Progress 20 hours

And another square on The Boy's blanket

This is "Summer Tree" by Stitch Witch. Its a freebie patern I got from Cyberstitchers.

My daughter (here-to-after known as G-Teen), has asked me to make her a blanket too. Good thing I have another blanket in my stash! I'll be hem stitching that thing while she look sfor the first pattern she wants on it. As a result, in a trip to my LNS for a gift for someone else, I picked up "Cat Squares" so G-Teen can have a few more patterns to choose from.
I made it to 15 projects (a year and 6 months) before buying more stash!!! Of course, people GIVING me stash during that time made it much easier. And I'm cleaning out my own of ones I no longer want.

I think I need to add bookmarks into my rotation too. I can never seem to find my paper ones. Maybe if I look in all the books I'm reading right now, I might find them. That just means I don't have enough!!

Today is my daughter's 14th Birthday. I always feel old on her birthday and not mine, even though mine is next month. She had her party yesterday, at the park. All the girls had fun. Most of today was spent taking her every place she got a gift card from. Boy am I beat!!!
Word to the wise...Whipcream icing and 85F, sunny weather make for a melty mess.


Vonna said...

WOW...that's a lot of stitchin' you've been doing! I love that tree and the Helga and Barbara Ana SAL is just so cute!

Meari said...

Your 15 projects look great, Lisa. Happy Bday to G-Teen!

Annie said...

What a disciplined rotation stitcher you are! Congrats on so many beautiful results.

jlblake said...

Your WIPs are looking good.