Monday, June 25, 2007

The answer my friend...

Time to put your thinking caps on again my friends! (Like any of us really ever take them off.) Answer when/if you feel like it. If you answer it on your own blog, don't forget to let me know, so I can hop on over and read.

How many times can a man turn his head, / and pretend that he just doesn't see?
--Bob Dylan "Blowing in the Wind"

Even today, Bob Dylan’s lyrics can easily strike a political chord. And I could *EASILY* turn this into a rant and bash of the current U.S. Administration, world politics, and personal views of war.
But I’m not. It’s been done many times over elsewhere, and I don’t have anything new (or enlightening) to add.

Instead, I’ll turn your attention to the children, who (and apparently, it is not just my children who do this) can trip, walking into a room, and ask me where their shoes are. Oh yes, they just tripped over their shoes walking into the room. Sometimes, I want to grab their head put it 2 inches from the shoe (or any other obvious object they are looking for) and ask, “Can you see it now?”
However, that is a very inappropriate way to respond to children. SO instead, I have them walk in and out of the room (tripping each way) until they finally actually LOOK at what is at their feet. This also works for things in the fridge, on the table (you just keep having them bring you things from there and have them take it back). Now my daughter, I think holds the record of tripping over her shoes for half an hour before it registers that those were the shoes she was looking for. It was at that point I told her that if I found them, I was keeping them and she would have to buy her own. And she couldn’t go into the store without shoes on her feet (No shirt, no shoes, no service).

Now can someone tell me where my glasses are…..


Meari said...

LOL, Lisa.... You need to revise your blog to say: (At least I think it's supposed to say) "Inappropriate way...."

But I can relate to what you're saying. Heck, I have that same problem with SO -- His Dad calls him the absent minded professor.

Meari said...

Btw, I answered on my blog.

Lisa said...

LOL...You're right, it should be "inappropriate"!

Corrected my grammer.