Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Here I am functioning on 3 (possibly 2) hours of sleep. The key word here is: functioning. My eyes feel like a sand pit, but I have my wits about me. One of these days I might even talk to my doctor about this.

I've tried everything. Warm milk, no caffeine after a certain time, no caffeine at all, working out, OTC sleeping pills, even something my hubby suggested that makes our daughter say "Ewww" when we talk about it (yes, sex); nothing is working. And I'm usually always happy to sleep after sex.

Does this mean I'm getting something productive done? Nope! I can't even get some decent reading done because 95% of the characters in the book are whiny brats! Ugh, I wish I could just NOT finish a book sometime. Seriously, it took me 5 years to read one book, because it was so badly written. I kept hoping that at some point it would get better. I'm like that with movies too. I'll tell you about the movie I paid 50 cents to see and then asked for my money back, sometime.
So no reading, no writing, no TV, no stitching. Mainly just sticking to music and meditating. I figure if I can't get the sleep, I'll relax my body as much as possible and maybe trick it into sleeping. Boy have I come up with some interesting video concepts from this time spent inside my mind.

P.S. Still trying to find C's birthday pictures.

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Meari said...

Awww... You should talk to your Dr about the insomnia. I hope you get some sleep soon.