Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A RR, a finish, and a present

I've gotten this month's RR piece finished, for Dana.
June Flower of the Month by Jo Verso, from Jan 2003 The World of Cross Stitching

Quite honestly, it took my son a couple of hours to pick which flowers to stitch for Dana's piece (he liked them all). In the end, with the help of his sister, he chose June, since that is when his birthday is. He has been a great help in picking out the patterns to stitch each month as I'm liking everything and having trouble deciding.

Next up is my very first finish of 2007!

It is "Peppermint Nick" by Jeanette Rees of Jemini Designs, from JCS 2006 Christmas Ornaments. On 28 ct. Ice Blue Alma, with DMC regular and rayon thread, and WDW thread.
After I get him cleaned, pressed and made into an ornament, he'll have a fuzzy scark and will be holding a candy cane. This is the ornament my daughter has picked for this year's tree.
This makes nine projects finished in my 25 project challenge.

And lastly, the reason the challenge has been easy, I recieved a package from Diane at PALS for the Month color exchange. February's colors were pink and red with a theme of hearts and Valentine's Day. And Diane sent me a package of finishing stuff...mostly.
February color exchange- PALS
What you see is:
• fabric with red and pink hearts
• red and white tulle
• 4 skiens of DMC (white, 304,349, B5200)
• finishing cord in sparkly red and sparkley white
• package of size 26 needles
• heart-shaped key ring (I have one like this in purple, but I LOVE the blue)
• bookmark
• notepad with magnets

Did I miss anything?

I just hope Leigh likes what I got for her.

Recently, my mom dropped off some 'craft stash' which she got from my grandmother, who is cleaning out her house. She brought several different stacks of material, including some she remembers her sisters wearing when the were 6 or so (shall we just say the fabric is over 50 years old), as well as some very brightly colored yarn, dolls heads, and I don't know how many yards of a yellow and brown wool. Also, some prestamped doilies to be embroidered. Unfortunatly, they are stained and I don't want to attemt to clean them, as the stamping will wash off, until I can finish them.
I have some friends that I'm going to let have first dibs on what I'm not going to keep, and then I'm thinking of post pictures here to see if anyone else will use it.


Vonna said...

Lovely finishes! That exchange package just looks yummy!

Meari said...

Congrats on your first finish, Lisa. Btw, what's a "fuzzy scark"? LOL The exchange looks great. I need to participate on that board more.

Lisa said...

A "fuzzy scark" is when I forget to spell check. Scarf.

And the 'f' key is no where near the 'k'!

Michele said...

congrats on the two finishes! that penguin is too cute :)