Saturday, January 13, 2007

TAST Week 2 - Buttonhole stitch

First off, I have to say that I am in complete awe of the work that is being done by the stitchers taking part in TAST. I hope to one day reach the level of creativity that some of these women (and men?) have achieved. Probably after I have had several nights of decent sleep. <> Am I intimidated? Heck no! But I am catching myself think, "Now why didn't I think of trying it that way?"

Now on to the fun...
As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was not feeling very creative this week, however, as I was stitching my nice straight, perfect buttonhole stitch, I got bored. Heck, I wasn't going to be cutting the fabric and making an edge, so I needed to do something. Turn a corner, and another, and another. Now for a fun message, because I can't find a photo...Drat "Hi Mom" won't fit. And I came up with this:

As I was finishing up the "frame", my son asked me what I was doing. When I told him the stitch I was working on, he said that he didn't see the buttonhole, so I made one, hence the second row. Then he found my book of beads on the table and brought them to me, to let me know I had left them out, and the beginning of the third row came to me. But those beads just weren't sitting right at the 'bottom' of the stitch, so I added them to the 'leg'. Wouldn't that look great on the edge of a bureau cloth, center piece cloth for your table?

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Anonymous said...

Just dropped by to wish you a great week ahead.

Good luck with all your craft project. Glad you're having fun doing them. Take care!