Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday - Herringbone

The first stitch for Take a Stitch Tuesday is the herringbone. Click picture to enlarge.


The top row, I used 4 colors twice, weaving the herringbone, to give a braided look. I think this would look lovely as trimming on a girl's dress, or for SCA enthusists, the edging of cloak; definately use thicker thread for it.
THe bottom row popped into my head as I was stitching the first. Turn it vertical, and you have lattoce work for the side of a house, maybe adding flowers of some kind to it. Leave it the way it is, with the french knot, and flip the pattern and you have the front yard fence of a house. Add a longer "post" and use yellow for the french knot, and you have a lantern or torch.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I like the way you used the herringbone weaving it. I need to try that one, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I liked both ideas on your HB. Putting it inside a confined area makes it even more interesting. The woven stitches look great with the different colors.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the line with all the weaving. The closeup really allowed me to see that it was all done with individual threads instead of with ribbons. Amazing!