Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Inanity and responses and stash

First the inanity. I actually laughed at this...
Industry money may bias drink studies


And the responses:
Rachel: No worries! I got the comments all sorted out.

Someone on one of the yahoo groups reported what she received in her first batch of beads from the European Cross Stitch Company Bead Collectors Club.
Delicas-1 Tube Gold, 1 Tube Green, 1 Tube Lilac, 1 Tube turquoise, and 1 Tube Cobalt, and a Mixture of 2 colors of Swavorski bicones in Light Sapphire and Cobalt.
My own finances are the ONLY thing keeping me from breaking the project challenge. Well that and the amount of beads my mom has. If I ever want to get creative,I'll go by her place first. I wonder if she can get delicas wholesale too?
As for keeping track of the floss colors, I'm parking them in the next spot they are used in the 10 space column (parking method). And I double check the color to the symbol when I pick one up to start stitching with it. I'm considering gridding after I'm done with this page, to help with the counting over (150 to the left, 300 up...opps miscount!)

Michele: Yes, the sampler is going very fast. I was actually surprised how far I had gotten on it after I really looked at it after the 10 hr block. Of course, working with the silks is an absolute joy too!

And lastly the stash! I received this from Deb for PALS January color exchange. There was another DMC color too (820), but I had put everything away before I took the picture, and I just realized as I was inserting the picture that I forgot to pull it back out.
January color exchange - PALS


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa. Glad everything has been sorted out. :) The weekend is almost here. Have a nice one.

Meari said...

Lovely exchange, Lisa. That whimsy is really cute!