Friday, December 01, 2006

Where, Oh where did my stitch-ing go....

Stitching is at a minimum for me now, with hubby out of town. I've decided me and the kids are going to be doing some "holiday" claening this weekend, and see if we can't get the tree and decorations up. Maybe even make some cookies for Santa, because "Santa like me to make the cookies the best!" (quoted from my son).

Considering I saw someone taking down some of the sign we put up to find the hamster's owner (it wasn't a goverment/state/county official), by leaving the lost dogs signs alone, I'm guessing the original owner is not going to claim her. I'm still leavign the rest of the signs up until Sunday, then I'll let the kids know we're keeping her. As if they aren't already treating her like she's ours. I've officially named her Queen Cobra (see previous blogs and pictures as to why). Q.C. for short; pronounce it similar to cutie.
She has spent most of her time in her new home sleeping, only waking up if we put something in her habitat. At first she was 'stashing' her food, covering with a thin layer of shavings, then pooping on it; I'm assuming to make sure noone took her food. Over the past couple of days, we've been giving her fresh vegetables, cabbage and carrots. Up until last night, she'd grab it as soon as we set it down (wouldn't come near our hands) and take it to where she slept and "hide" it. Last night, however, she took the piece of carrot from my daughter's hand, then after we all left the room, Q.C. dug up her entire stash and put it in her food bowl. She has also moved her toilet corner to the opposite side of the tank, away from her food and sleeping space. Although she still flinches when we try her touch her, she will now come over to our hand's to sniff us. This weekend will be interesting when we need to remove her to clean out the tank, but she'll get a ball to run around the house in, hopefully it will help get her used to the place.

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