Friday, September 22, 2006


I'm not kidding! I was in the shower about to wash my hair, and noticed I was out of shampoo and conditioner. So I reached under the sink and pulled out 2 new bottles, that I got last time Beauty Brands has a liter sale. Poured some of the shampoo into my hand, and as soon as it touched...zzzzt. "How odd" I thought, but just passed it off as being really cold and washed my hair. Poured the conditioner in my hand, and as soon as it touched....ZZZT. OK, I jumped at that point, and said "WTF!". It hurt! SO I decide to read the bottle, to see if I can figure out what is going on, and it says, "Contains Quadramine ComplexTM, an exclusive blend of positively charged, low molecular weight and size proteins. I think this means I'm going to get shocked every time I wash my hair! Oh wait, it also says apply directly to hair. LOL

I wonder how funny it would be if I switched this out with my daughter's shampoo?


Stephanie's RR piece arrived this week. A very cute little christmas piece. My son, as usual, thought it was for him. But after reminding him that twelve women were working on these, and one of the things was a blanket for him, he said, "That means I can help too!" As my mom brought me up to never turn down the willing help of a child, I'm letting him pick out what pattern to do on each RR piece. It really is adorable when T sits down with a pattern book, oohing and awwwing over everythwhich(WHich reminds me; I need to hunt down his "treasure room" and see if he has absconded with any of my WIPs) After he picked the pattern, I started pulling thread. You know I still don't have all of the regular DMC line! Or Kreinik. Off to the store today.


On the same BB that the Bakers Dozen is on, we have a Wednesday wishes. Where everyone can pick one stash item they would like or need. A couple months (?) ago, Julie requested purple Aida to make this:

As I had a couple good size pieces in my stash, I sent one to her. How do I know that is what she wanted to make? Because I apparently sent enough to make two and she gave one to me! I love it! Of course T saw the candy corn button on it and declared that there was candy inside, but didn't want to open it because it was pretty. (Have I mentioned T is 4?) This one was rescued before it ended up in his "treasure room". Right now, it's sitting on his table in the living room, until I get a chance to sneak it to work. Although hubby is trying to figure out out to mount it to the wall next to my broom.


Meari said...

Black Hat Society is cute! So, have you tried the shampoo again?? And is it continuing to shock you? LOL

Anonymous said...

I got zapped by the same shampoo, the same way. I just bought it today. Maybe there's was static on the bottle? Dunno. Sherry, Morristown,TN

Anonymous said...

Same that happed to me I thought I was going crazy

Anonymous said...

I just had that happen to me today with a new bottle of Deva Curl shampoo. I am trying to figure out why this is happening to me. It happened with the shampoo, the conditioner and then the hair gel. (the last shock was a doozy!)

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me with the Deva curl products

SMH said...

I've had the same thing happen to me about 3-4 times with brand new bottles of conditioner! The first time was probably 30 years ago and then a few times since then. I've never heard of this happening to anyone before and would love to know why this happened. Do some people have more static in their hands than others? But in the shower with a liquid? I need Mr Science!