Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday madness, 50 project challenge, and other stuff

While meandering throught the 'net, I ran across the blog Monday Madness. It was one of those this blog linked to that blog, which linked to a blog over here, etc. What a nice idea and a great way to start to get to know people, so here goes this week's questions:

1. How do you eat an oreo cookie? I don't. I'm not fond of the "chocolate" cookie. But I LOVE the Uh-Oh Oreo's. Those I eat by opening up the cookie, licking the filling, then eating the cookie halves. No milk.

2. How long does it take you to eat lunch? Depends on what I'm eating. Usual lunch will take me about 1 hour, but I'm stitching while I'm chewing.

3. Caffeine or decaf? Caffeine!

4. Chicken or beef? Moo-Cow!

5. Pen or pencil? Pen, but only if it has those soft grips.

6. Autumn or spring? Ooo, hard one. Both are the rainy season here. I think I'll go with Spring, because it's not the middle of hurricane season.

7. Baseball or basketball? Neither, but to support my son's interests, I pick baseball.

8. 'Survivor' or 'The Amazing Race?' Survivor, but only the first season and the season with Rupert.

9. Come up with one question I can ask our Monday Madness participants in the weeks to come. Which side of the bed?


Another blog I ran across is HasturTorres' who has issued a 50 project challenge. Basics: No buying new stash until you complete 50 projects (or 25, or 10). Predetermined exceptions allowed. The goal be ing to have fun decreasing your stash. Yet another good idea, so I pulled up my database of stash, and do you know what I found? I don't have 50 charts to do. I don't have 25 that need to be done. Heck, I don't even have 10! I counted up my WIPs and the charts I have waiting to be done and I have 9 (4 WIPs, 3 kits, 2 charts). I could come up with one more chart from somewhere in freebie land, but instead of taking part in this challenge this year, I'm going to cull out my fabric stash. Now that I have a lot of. I'll be going through over the next several weeks and donating what I REALLY don't want/need to the stash room at the Cross Stitch PALS Fall Fall Fling.


I don't remember mentioning this, but a couple of weeks ago, my husband came bopping into the house after I had gotten home from work (for those not familiar with "bopping", it's like a jig, but with more bouncing) and anounced that he had signed us up for a gym membership. Happy Anniversery to me!!! This is something that has been on my wishlist since we got married, and I had to stop my previous membership, because we couldn't afford it. I'm one of those people who might exercise, if I can find the time, but will exercise if I'm paying for it, even if I have to go at midnight. Okay, no midnight runs to the gym for me anymore, and as for making the time; not as easy as it used to be. But I am going. So since the time we started until today, I've been to the doctor for a cholesterol checkup and the numbers are AWESOME! Total cholesterol is 170. LDL (bad cholesterol) is 90. And I forget the rest and will have to look it up at home. But I have also lost 6 pounds and 2-3 inches in the waist.

Maybe I shouldn't have got shopping last month for new pants.


I finished Tanager with Tulips last night after supper. I'll hopefully get the picture uploaded tonight. Or sometime this week. So, I'm back to rotating my projects, with the Bakers Dozen RR as the focus. And I'll add in ornaments if I can ever get the family to look at the books and pick what they want to add to the tree this year. Hmmm, I could use the one I picked out for me as project numer 10...


Anonymous said...

hi! just read your monday madness answers.

i love the idea of spring although we don't have it in the philippines. we only have 2 seasons: wet and dry.

i also like pens with soft grips. :)

looking forward to another monday madness.

take care!


Meari said...

Congrats on your weight loss and the good C figures! :)