Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Husband's view

A question was asked on one of the BB's I frequent, and it's a question that is asked alot:
"I was wondering since our hubby's or partner's are so much a part of
our lives, just how they feel about our hobby? Do they have their own
hobbies? Are they very supportive? Do they like some of our stitching
pieces more than others? Do they have favorite designs, designers or
subject matter?"

My husband loves what I do, but sometimes I think its more because it de-stresses me and makes me happy. I overheard a conversation between him and a friend. His friend was asking what the point really was, and my husband replied "I look at it as she is making heirlooms for the family that will be passed on for generations. Besides, they make better gifts than cards or gift certificates.".

He's also my sounding board if I missed a stitch (or an entire line). If he can pick up the mistake, then I definitely have to change it.

His favorites that I work on are the Norse flavored (like “A Vikings World” By Designs by Lisa) and Scandinavian designs. I like those too, and make those for keeping. Most everything else he’ll say that it’s pretty but not his taste.

He does question, sometimes, the amount of thing I buy (fabric, thread, etc.) but since I don't stash buy compulsively, I can usually point out exactly what I'll be using for what pattern, and who it will go to.

As to his own hobby…
When I met him, he did leatherworking (I have a beautiful day planner than he made for me while we were dating), but lately, he’s been so busy with work, that he has made the time to work on it. I wouldn’t have a problem with it if we didn’t have half a cow in our garage waiting to be made into something. But it’s his garage and he has to clean it.

Now as to asking my husband about colors to use, he has asked me to pass on this. (I am quoting him now) “Do not ask a guy which shade of blue (or what have you) is better. WE see in 5 colors; red, blue, green, orange, brown, black, white. And that is if we aren’t color blind. So don’t ask me which shade of blue is better…it’s all blue! But you can ask us which shade of red looks more like blood. We hunted food for centuries, we know red.”

This from the same man whose answer to the question “what color karate belt do you have?” was “I’m not wearing one today. It broke and I need to cut a new one. I haven’t decided if I’m going to dye it brown or black. Oh well, might as well make two belts, save me the hassle when one of them get around to breaking again.”

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