Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bakers Dozen RR

The first square for my son's couch blanket is complete. As he loves the outdoors, I found a tree, in each season, to put on the corner of the blanket. The first is a free pattern called "Spring Tree" by Designs by Stitch Witch from . There was a lot of confetti stitches, but my son loves it.
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by libhita

Now it is getting packaged up for its journey to Wisconsin. I'm writing a little story for my son about the travels of his blanket, so he'll have a fun little tale to go with it when it returns a year from now. I've already got the beginning written:

The Travel’s Of Trey’s Couch Blanket

The blanket knew, as it came out of its package, who it would belong to and where it would reside. It knew, because Trey’s mommy told it.
“Your going to be Trey’s couch blanket,” she said, “So Trey and his sitter will stop fighting over whose blanket is whose. You will only belong to Trey and no one else.”
The blanket was scared. It was just it a plain white piece of cloth, it thought; no little boy would want me.
But Trey’s mommy knew better.
“You’re going to be the best blanket in the living room,’ she said.
“When?” asked the blanket.
“In about a year, and even better, you’ll get to see the world (well, North America at least), before you come back here and spend the rest of your life with Trey. A wonderful lady will put a new picture on you at each stop of your journey, and I’ll put the first one on you now.”
Trey’s mommy pulled out her needle, colored threads, and an oddly looking black and white picture.
“I certainly hope THAT isn’t what I’m going to look like!” the blanket thought.
But Mommy knew what to do. She created a pretty little tree, with the buds of spring on it in the corner of the blanket.
“Oh! How pretty!” exclaimed Trey, “Is it done?”
“No,” said Mommy, “Now it is going to travel to a bunch of different places, and when it returns, there will be 12 pictures on the blanket, and a whole year will have past.”
“But that’s too long!” Trey cried.
Mommy was sad to see Trey so sad, “Yes, it is a long time for you, but you can help me make lots of other things while we wait for your blanket to return.”
“Like bookmarks!”
“Yea!!!!” he yelled, and Trey ran off to his treasure room to get the book of bookmarks that he had ‘borrowed’ from his mommy.

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