Friday, September 22, 2006

Oops, forgot about the cholesterol...

Thank you Meari for reminding me I was going to look up those numbers. So, to show you how far I've come in nine months...

Beginning of January 2006:
Total Cholesterol - 365
Triglycerides - 452
HDL (good) - 44
LDL (bad) - triglycerides were so high, the machine couldn't calculate this

September 1, 2006
Total Cholesterol - 171
Triglycerides - 142
HDL (good) - 43
LDL (bad) - 100

Medication was needed to bring these down, because I have a family history of high cholesterol (my brother's has been high since High School). However, I started exercising and we (hubby and I) completely changed out diet. The hardest part, though, was teaching myself to stop eating when I was full, even if there was still food on my plate.

So I continue the meds until the next visit in 5 months, and if my numbers are still good or better, I'll get to start weaning from the meds. Unless I get pregnant, then I quit the meds immediately.

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