Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What happened to my Sci-Fi Friday?!?

I can understand putting in replacement shows until the season returns. I happen to like Jake 2.0 the first time I saw it, and the reruns are fun. But to move Battlestar Galactica to Sunday!!! Although it looks like their leading with their new show The Dresdin Files, so I can see why they are doing it. Lead with a new, then give the veiwers their Starbuck and Apollo.

I'm starting to go through new SciFi withdrawal. It'd be one thing if there was some decent movies on during the "off" part of the season, but I'm having to make do with Enterprise reruns (not so bad, as I didn't watch the first time around) .

This weekend Sci-Fi played their movie "Grendel". Hubby was all keen to watch, as he loves all thing norse related. He was even willing to forgive the horn on the helmet, and butchering the Beowulf story (artistic licencing and all). However, when they put Roman architecture on the screen and call it a Viking longhall, the channel got changed very quickly. I'm amazed he even lasted those 15 minutes.

Hubby just sent me a picture I'd like to share. It's titled "Why Men Need Post-Its":

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Meari said...

LOL, the post-it note pic was funny! Thanks for sharing.