Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday Week 3 - Detached Chain

This weeks stitch from Sharon's Take a Stitch Tuesday is the detached chain stitch (aka lazy daisy).

Here is what I came up with today at lunch (click for close-up).

Detached Chain

I first started with detached chains of varying sizes and tension (upper left), and then moved on to putting them next to each other in a row (mid-upper left).
I think I need to mention at this point that I have an infection in my jaw socket (or an abscessed tooth) that is causing a LOT of pain, so my doctor has me taking Darvocet for a couple of days until the antibiotics are really working. I mention this because as I got to the third stitch of that row I was working on, I got bored.
The plan was to stack several rows, but instead I moved on to filling space with an arrow (upper right); I think I was getting downright goofy at this point. So on to more abstraction (left, middle of picture; lower most stitching on left side).
I first started with the detached chain in the cardinal points and was going to start filling it in, but I didn't like how one thread was covering, so I switch to two threads and began again (lower right). I have to say, I really like the medallion idea that was coming out there, however, I think I will try it again later in the week to get it symmetrical. I might even add beads...

You ladies (and gentlemen) are so lucky spell check was invented. I'm a bad speller when I'm sober; today's was redicculous.

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