Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Updates Galore

Now that I've finally been able to bogart the camera from my hubby (who is at this moment wandering the house trying to figure out where he put it, as I download), I've gotten picture of all my finishes and updates over the past several months. So you know this post will be jpeg heavy.

First up is my last finish of 2007.
"One Starry Night" by Carol Scott Higeli of The Stitcher's Habit. From JCS Christmas Ornaments: 10th Anniversary Collection.

On 28ct Navy Cashel Linen, using recommended DMS treads. Substituted Kreinik 102 with 002, and 085 with 095.

And two finishes, so far, for 2008:
"Merlin's Oak" by Hermon Adams
Pictures never do these things justice, do they...

This is an Embellished Cross Stitch kit from Candamar Designs Inc, which I started in July 2005.

And "Daisy Dream" Mill Hill kit.

This beaded pin pillow is on 28ct Cashel Linen, and took approx. 15 hours to complete.

And the Baker's Dozen RR returned in time for Christmas for my son. Although once he saw the package when we picked up the mail, he knew what it was and has refused to let it go since (Oh the uproar when he realized he forgot it at his Aunt's house in San Antonio!).

Baker's Dozen blanket returned

THANK YOU to all the ladies who worked on this. My boy absolutely loves it, and has me read all the letters you wrote at least once a week. You all did great work and I am grateful to you.

Now for my lovely ongoing projects...
Here is "Winter White Tree Skirt" at 180 hours
Progress 3/23/08

"Winter's Grazing" at 54 hours
Progress 54 hours

wXSw (Yahoo group) Mystery SAL "Back on the Road Again" at 30 hours
Mystery SAL Progress 30 hrs.
I'm using 14ct Oatmeal Aida (I think it is Oatmeal. Its part of some stash I was given and it was not labeled.) and DMC threads. I have substituted DMC's Light Effect colors for the White, 334, and 818.

And lastly, "An October Box" at 10 hours
Progress 10 hours

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Wahoo!! I've been working some serious overtime lately and am ready for a vacation. Which I start at 3:30 today! Of course, now is the perfect time to get sick (I've been fighting my throat hurting the past couple of days). I don't plan on heading anywhere except from my bed to the couch, with a couple of pit stops for necessities. Updating my WIP on the sidebar too. It seems I'm a little behind on updates.

In all this extra work I've been doing, I finally got the rest of my Stash-To-Go cataloged and posted ( Well almost all of it. There's still a few things that got stored someplace I can find (in other words, I put it someplace safe and now can not figure out where...I really need some decent sleep), but those will go up as I find them.

So head over and find something you have to have.

You know you want NEED to add to your stash!