Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

Wahoo!! I've been working some serious overtime lately and am ready for a vacation. Which I start at 3:30 today! Of course, now is the perfect time to get sick (I've been fighting my throat hurting the past couple of days). I don't plan on heading anywhere except from my bed to the couch, with a couple of pit stops for necessities. Updating my WIP on the sidebar too. It seems I'm a little behind on updates.

In all this extra work I've been doing, I finally got the rest of my Stash-To-Go cataloged and posted ( Well almost all of it. There's still a few things that got stored someplace I can find (in other words, I put it someplace safe and now can not figure out where...I really need some decent sleep), but those will go up as I find them.

So head over and find something you have to have.

You know you want NEED to add to your stash!


Meari said...

Technically it's Spring! LOL It's 50F here today, tomorrow they're calling for 3-6" of SNOW!!!

tkdchick said...

Have a good vacation!