Sunday, January 07, 2007

Weekend update

As I didn't get any progress pictures last week, I'll be including those that I worked on the last week of 2006 also.

First up is the progress on the tree skirt. I believe this has a total of 30 hours on it.
Progress 12/31/06

I also started a new project. "Family Sampler" A Do It Yourself Sampler by M-designs, debuting at PALS Oct. 2006 Retreat. I'm using 28 ct. Fresco Linen from Picture This Plus and Viki Clayton silks.
Progress 1/4/07.  10 hrs. complete.

This one I think will stitch up pretty quick. Well, maybe except for the border I've added to it. I'll definitely need some opinions as to what color to stitch the names in (a couple are already there).

And last, The Enchanter:
Progress 01/07/07

I was thinking I had more updates, but now I realize there were a couple of finishes that I already wrote about.

I hope everyone's year has begun as they like it!


Anonymous said...

Lisa: happy new year - wonderful updates for your week. I've only got a couple squares done on my Drawn Thread piece.

And, feel too lazy to photograph!! Maybe later in the week ... LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa :) Found your blog from visiting Shelleen's blog and seeing your comments :) I started the sampler this weekend too .. isn't it fun and goes fast too!

Meari said...

Nice progress on all your projects. What a good idea to clip your floss like that. How do you keep track of which color is which?

Ruth said...

Hey there -- It's Ruth from Pals... I love your progress on the M Designs Sampler!!!!! It's quite stunning.