Monday, January 08, 2007

I do have self control...

This weekend I made a trip to my closest LNS, 3 Stitches, to purchase items for the PALS January exchange, as well as a couple of specialty threads I need for an ornament. Now as I'm taking part in a stash decrease challenge and the knowledge of the status of my own budget, I knew I wouldn't be doing any impulse buying. However, hubby was in meetings all day, so I had to take my kids along. Daughter is not a problem, as she does not like stitching, and can usually amuse herself. Son, though, loves stitching, and the last time I brought him to this LNS, he climbed into their yarn basket and tried to bury himself with the yarn. Boy was I glad he was clean that day. So daughter brought along a book, and son brought along a toy dragon (with a couple of trigers, the dragon can flap its wings and open/close its mouth).
After arriving there, daighter was immediatly distracted by a rack of RG mettalics; its the magpie in her. So she behaved and amused herself. Son was in awe and had to show me everything; luckily he behaved and did not touch, as I asked.

I always enjoy picking out needlework stuff with my son. He loves to stitch too, although he is only the level of plastic canvas and finally figured out how to sew up and down, and sew his name useing long stitches and running stitches. He's only 4; I'd say he's way ahead on that. He also has a great eye for color!

It was a good trip all around. Everyone behaved. Son helped me pick out almost everything for the exchange, and tried to convise me to buy more patterns that he liked. But I was good and stuck to my list. Although he pointed out a beautiful dragon pattern that I'd like to get one day. And a stop at Michaels too, for some none stitchy exchange items.

Anyone seen DMC rayon# 30742 anywhere? The display setup jumps straight from 30712 to 30745.

I'll share some pictures of the purchases after the have arrived at their home. Can't give the surprise away yet!


Meari said...

Sounds like you had a good day shopping with the kids. I remember the 'basket incident' with your son the last time you were at that LNS. LOL

Anonymous said...

It seems that your lil' boy is showing a great side of his creativity. How nice that you encourage him.

Glad to hear about your nice day with your children.

Take care!