Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How hot you want it, baby!

Our awesome, A/C and furnace guy installed our new furnace yesterday. Just in time for the cold front today. In fact, he put rush on the delivery of the furnace so we would have heat today and didn't charge extra. Iosef is a great guy. He'll be at my parent's house tomorrow replacing their furnace. Let's just say we got a bulk order discount.

And the great part about the new furnace; it's got an ignition switch. No more trying to remember if we shut down the pilot light for the winter, or trying to relight the damn thing when the cold blows in, or trying to figure out how to light it (Previous instructions: place match way the hell back there, turn on gas, guess to figure out if knob is turned on, press knob, hold for 30 seconds, cuss because match burnt out 20 seconds ago...). Just flip a switch and HEAT! Now the only pilot light left in the house that we need to worry about is the heater. Unless that got changed when we replaced it about 3 years ago.

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Meari said...

Your old furnace sounds like a PITA! My landlord replaced ours 2 springs ago. Seems the neighbor's started smoking. LOL I guess that's a good reason to replace the furnaces! Enjoy your new one!