Friday, November 10, 2006

The Complete SBQ

This week’s SBQ was suggested by Jan and is:
How many different brands of “complete” embroidery floss sets do you own? How do you keep track of it? (i.e., spread sheet program, index cards, palm pilot, etc.)

ZERO! The most complete set I have is DMC, but I'm missing two (Yes 2!) colors. Store has been out of those colors the last couple times there has been a sale. I have a few GAST and WDW threads but nothing close to the complete set. I keep track of ALL of my stash in a software program, Organized Expressions. I have the Needleworker version, and love it.

1 comment:

Meari said...

I am thinking about getting Organized Expressions. Which 2 colors do you need? I'll send 'em to ya!