Friday, September 22, 2006

Tanager with Tulips is complete

Yea!!! I'm glad it's done and on it's way to the owner. Here it is backstitching and all.
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Now that it is done, I started up my rotation again, and gone some work done on The Enchanter, and on Snowcones.
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As always you can see progress pictures in my Webshots albums.

RANT WARNING: I am about fed up with "North American Beauties"! Who puts a lone tent stitch in the middle of nowhere! Last time I worked on it, I gave up and started parking, and not caring how far I carry the thread. And to top that I miscounted somewhere and am trying to work around it, because it so far done, I either work around it, rip it all out and start from scratch (that's not happening) or toss it. However my son stands beside me with his head on my shoulder when I'm working on it, so I think I'll finish it. I just need to figure out how to finish it so the threads don't show through too much.

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