Friday, July 28, 2006

Broken A/C and Bloodletting

Ok, not as bad as the title implies.
Today was my appointment with the blood center, where I donate on a regular basis. I urge all who can donate, do so. You never know whose life you will save with your blood; the next Einstein, world leader...Your own child?
Since I turned 18, I've wanted to help by giving blood, but was unable to do so until I was in my mid-20's (that was when I finally got over the minimum weight). Even now, I'm plagued with migraines, illness and low iron that stop from donating from time to time, but I shrug it off, get better, eat my greens, and reschedule; their online scheduling makes it even easier for me to do so.

So, find out if you can donate at and if you can, do so. Think you can't because of the medications you take? Look at their FAQ's. You might be surprised.

Now on to the broken A/C...
That is as bad as is sounds, especially with it hitting 96°F today. To slightly backtrack, when I got home last night from work, the A/C was not working. The fan was blowing but the air was not cooling. The family stripped down to the bare minimum, we ordered takeout (so as not to make it hotter), and we pulled all the fans out of the garage that we could find (one for each room). Oh yes, and called a repairman. The repairman would not be able to make it here until 5:30 or later the next day (today). I felt I could handle it today. I spent the morning giving blood (oh glorious A/C), then came home and made sure the blinds were closed and no lights were on, to keep it as cool as possible inside the house. It got to 90°!!! Inside!!! By 5pm, it was cooler outside than in, so the doors are open and the fans are pulling in as much air as possible. Oh yes, and the repairman arrived at 6. YEAH!!!!! I would cross body parts in the hopes this will be fixed tonight, but it tooooooooo hot and I’m covered in a layer of sweat. Off to jump in the cold shower for the dozenth time…

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