Monday, May 12, 2008

A Wonderful Mother's Day!

Mother's Day started Saturday night, for me, when hubby asked when I wanted my Mother's Day dinner. As we spend Sunday evening getting the kids ready for school on Monday, Saturday seemed best. And boy was it!
I was warned on Friday to not look to closely in the freezer and that I also needed to become deaf, dumb, and blind for the rest of the month (my birthday is later this month).
Saturday began with flowers from my Mom arriving that afternoon; a combined Mother's Day and Birthday present. A dozen of mixed colored roses. Beautiful! (I'd love to show you pictures, but someone has walked off with the camera and can not remember where he put it. They came with plant food, so hopefully they will last long enough for me to share with everyone.) Then supper was buffalo wings and french fries. Not healthy, I know, but delicious. And when I sent the kids to bed, both reminded me that I needed to sleep in.

Sunday...I didn't sleep in. I still have that headache from last week and it woke me up (no worries about getting it looked at, friends, the appointment is this week). But I took some more Tylenol and laid back down to "sleep". After an hour of smelling bacon, I couldn't take it anymore, so i got up. As soon as I walked into the living room, i was accosted by The Boy, who it seems was on guard duty, 'boy-handled' to the couch, where he sat on me and showered me with kisses, until I convinced him to sneak into the kitchen and steal bacon for me. For breakfast (we seriously need 2 ovens!), we had ham and cheese omelets that turned into scrambled eggs (T-Girls first attempt at omelets), bacon, butter biscuits, and blueberry muffins. Then hubby and the kids left me alone for the day. I tried cleaning, but it was taken over from, and I was told to go do something for myself. I didn't even cook supper that night! Hubby took it over again, and we had BBQ pork chops, corn, and mashed potatoes. And I watched chick-flicks all day without anyone complaining about the sappiness! (Loved! "The Holiday") My son also gave me several things he has been making for me over the past weeks, and my daughter gave me 'coupons'. I have to say, I like the paper flowers he gave me better than the roses, and an hour of my daughter being quiet or doing the dishes without whining or complaining--priceless!

Hubby is periodically laughing evilly under his breath as he goes walking through a room...I wonder what he'd got up his sleeve now?

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