Saturday, November 03, 2007

New "Christmas" Project

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on my last stitching update. I did add a new project to my rotation. Not so much a Christmas project, as I have the tree skirt for that, but it's winter themed none the less.
For the progress reports:

Since I free'd up a scroll bar, I got "The Enchanter" into it to work on the detail work. Here it is with the backstitching done (Well the part that the scroll bar will show).
Progress 10/24/07
Just the embellishments and cording left to do on that.

I'm getting close to finishing the main work on "Merlin's Oak" too.
Progress 10/27/07
Just the bottom right corner left to do and onto the backstitching.

I'm sensing a theme this week...

And the Tree Skirt! A 10x10 block left to do on the first page:
Progress 11/02/07
I'm going to backstitch each page as I go, as I about had a heart attack thinking about leaving it all for the very end like I usually do.

Oh yes, the new project added...
"Winter's Grazing" by Lois Winston from The Cross Stitcher (February 2007). No pictures of it yet, including the one from the magazine, as my scanner isn't working and just feel like troubleshooting it. (LOL, I know...bad techie! Bad, bad techie!) However so you can have a visual, it's three moose in a pine forst cover in snow.

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