Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy hands

It has been sometime since I had any stitching updates, I believe. Not only do I have some progress to report on a couple of projects, I have a finish as well!

I'll start with the one that has the least amount done.
Here is the 100 hour picture of Winter White Tree Skirt:
Progress 10/20/07
I'm almost 1/5 complete with the project (not counting sewing the thing into a tree skirt).

Now "The Enchanter", who is almost done (210 hr of work):
Progress 09/08/07
All I have left to do is back stitching and the embellishments. Since I've freed up a scroll rod with my completed piece, I can move this to the scroll rods, making the finishing easier. Too much cording and embellishments to allow for using a hoop easily.

Now for the finish...
Started August 2005, with approximately 124 hours of stitching, I give you...

"North American Beauties" by Michael Adams. Dimensions kit on 18ct White Aida.

I am particularly glad to have this one done. The confetti half stitches drove me nuts. I resorted to parking just to have a place to anchor thread. The back is a mess because of that, but no worries; I'm making it into a pillow.

Now what to start next...


Berly said...

All I can say is 'Wow!!' Those are all gorgeous. How about starting a Christmas project?

Meari said...

Everything looks good, Lisa.

glenda said...

You have some fabulous works going on. Congrats on your progress!

Michele said...

missed you this year at MB!!!! hopefully you can make it next year :)

great progress!!!