Monday, April 23, 2007

Poke the mind and wake it up...

Some of the things I do to pull myself out of feeling down is to try and force my mind to think about "Truth" of things. In other words I turn to philosophy. Quite often this allows me to see how others view the world (at large and small). When someone says that they are depressed or experience something bad that happens in their life, there is usually an outpouring of others who fall into (in my opinion) three categories, those who empathize, those who had experienced the same thing and know what you are/have experienced, and those who like to play 'one-up-manship'.
Most people I know fall under the first two categories, and I just don't play with the third group. (No worries my fine readers; none of you fall under the third group)
However, in trying to discover My Truth, I have found that I need to understand others. This is a great ability for Arbitrators and Strategists; and the bane of my existence. It can be quite difficult for me to form my own opinion when I understand where and how the other side thinks. (And no end of a source of amusement for hubby. "Where do you want to eat tonight?" Also his downfall..."How about that new place where no one speaks English. We can order by pointing.")

Now expanding the mind can sometimes be fun. Just think back to when you hung out with friends and all the fun, weird and serious questions you asked each other. Now as all my friends have moved away (and you KNOW who you deserters! :) ), those late nights and early mornings don't happen so much anymore. (I've tried it with my daughter, but she thinks I'm weird.)
So I'm bringing the questions here, to my blogging friends, the ones I, for the most part, have not met in person. I won't set a specific day to ask questions, but one will pop up every now and then, in a not so regular basis. You can leave a short answer or a long novel in the comments field, or answer it on your own blog (just remember to leave a reminder here so I can pop over and have a look). There is no right or wrong answer, just answer in Your Truth. All I ask is there be no flaming of another's answer, because what is the truth for me quite probably is not your Truth.

Now in honor of Heros starting back up for it's final episodes of the season, today (yeah! ooo, I hope it's not on at the same time as Drive. Weeeeee! It's not!!!!), I give you this question:

If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any one ability or quality, what would it be?

My answer...
Understand the true motive that drives a person. Not just myself, but others as well. I thnk that once you know and understand the truth of someone, it makes it that much easier to get along with them.
Wouldn't that be the true path to globalization?


Vonna said...

Wow, that is an indepth question...I had to think awhile...but I think that the one quality I would like to have is to let things roll off of me easier. I'm proud of who I am and what I stand for and what I've accomplished in life, but the one thing that I have an issue with is my ability to just let go and let it ride...not to worry and ponder of something that someone has said, or done or whatever...just be a bit "free-er" and easy with what others think and say.
Yep, that'd be it I think :)

Meari said...

Hi Lisa - I answered on my blog. Good question, hard to pick just ONE quality.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lisa. I watched the DVD of Heroes (Episodes 1-17) just several weeks ago and I really enjoyed it. Would you believe I started watching the DVD at lunch time and finished the whole thing in just one day. I think I finished episode 17 around 2 a.m. :)

Anyway, that's a great question that left me thinking. I believe you chose a really great ability which I would like to have too but I wouldn't want you to think I'm such a copy cat. ha!ha! So let me think of something else.

Perhaps, I'd like the ability to transform a person's negative feelings into something creative and positive through touching the person's hand.