Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mom's are the greatest!!

Unbeknown to pretty much everyone, last weekend I found that my sewing machine has bit the dust.
Well, not completely. I push down on the pedal and it goes slow, then stops, then fast, stops, etc. This is not me playing like I’m in stop and go traffic, but rather like I was in driving class in high school; pedal to the floor.
When I told my mom what it was doing When I harassed my mom for giving me this shoddy piece of decade old equipment (5 years ago when she bought a new one for herself), she said that it sounds like the timing is off and I could go get it repaired. Now even if fixing it would only cost $50; that is still $50 more than I have right now. So what did I do? When I got a call from GS, I took and decided to use the money to fix my machine. After all, I’m ‘banned’ from stash purchasing for myself until I get at least 25 project completed.
So this morning I drop off my daughter at my mom’s house (Grandma has hired her to clean her house every other weekend), and did some ‘shopping’ through her stash of materials and patterns make DD a slip for next weekend. Immediately after I had asked her to come over during the week and work on it, she asked me to drive her to Walmart and Joann’s. This is not an uncommon occurrence; we can spend D-A-Y-S at Joann’s. And have. But as soon as we walked in, she headed straight to the sewing machines and said, “Happy Mother’s Day! Really, you can NOT go without a sewing machine.”

So I came home with this:

Simple, yes, but I don’t need much.


Meari said...

That's great! Congrats on the new sewing machine.

sugardoll said...

So sweet of your mom =^-^= My first christmas here in the U.S. my GMIL gave me the same thing, she heard too many complaints about how the U.S. sizes don't fit me well. I looked like a walking hanger. LOL