Monday, January 22, 2007

Updates all around

I was able to get 10 hour blocks done on several projects this past week, mainly due to the lack of sleep from the pain in my mouth. The good news on that front is I see the dentist in an hour to have that fixed. The bad news is today was the ealiest she could see me. I did see my regular dentist on Friday, and she confirmed that I have an infection in the roots of my molar, however there was something off with my roots (something about them not being normal) and I had to go to a specialist (Who only works on Mondays. I'd like that kind of schedule!). Long story short, hopefully tomorrow I won't have top worry about the pain killers no longer working because it will be taken care of.

Now for the pictures.

Here is North American Beauties , with 60 known hours of work:

Progress 01/16/07

Merlin's Oak, with 80 known hours:
Progress 01/18/07

And lastly, the tree skirt, with 40 hours:
Progress 01/19/07.  40 hours.

I should have more updates soon, as I'm close to finishing another block on the sampler. I'm liking the 6 project rotation. Things seem to be going quicker.

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Michele said...

glad to hear you are getting that tooth taken care of!!! Nice work on your rotating pieces :)