Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New finish, Christmas bonus', and general ^@$!%

The good news.
I finished the ornament my daughter picked this year.
Image hosted by
"Snow Kitty" by Cross My Heart, INC. from JCS Christmas Ornaments: 10th Anniversary Collention. 28ct Ice Blue Alma with DMC and Kreinik floss.

The other good news.
The company I work for actually gave me a Christmas bonus this year of $250. Considering this is the first one from them I've gotten in the 7 years I've worked for the company, not a bad sum. It sure beats the Bic pens one manager gave out one year to some of his underlings. The sucky part is I will be taxed on this, the the tax coming out of my paycheck (And all US citizen know, we get taxed 55-60% on "gifts" like this). Seriously bites.

As if money isn't tight in my house right now as it is; it looks like I'll have to use this "gift" to but the kids present for Yule. Hubby and I talked and we'll get the kids one or two really special things from Santa, but anything else will wait until the middle of January, when we celebrate with my mom (whose out of town visiting her parents this year, so she's having Christmas for the grandkids when she gets back in January).

I love my husband, and I love that he found something that he loves doing. But not paying bills on time and not being able to do little things like get something for the kids, really stress me out and ticks me off. I'm working my ass off (and my hands into disability) at job I hate, and still looks like I'll have to go find a forth job just to make ends meet.

I saw the orthopedist for my hands last week and she tells me I now have arthritis in the right one. Frickin' great. I can understand my knee and ankle. I injured those a lot of times in sports when I was younger. But my hand! I'm 33 and this should NOT have happened! And it's not like I can take some disability time off for it to heal...then the bills really wouldn't get paid.

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Meari said...

One of my specialties is payroll and 55-60% seems kinda high to me. In any case, congrats on your bonus. Your daughter's ornament is adorable. Yes, it sucks to have arthritis so young. I can empathize with you. I'm 38 and have it in my spine and lately it's making life difficult for me! Take care of yourself, Lisa.