Sunday, December 31, 2006

Finishing up 2006

Here is my last finish for 2006:

It's "Christmas Duo" wreath ornament by M-Designs. Design taught at the 2006 PALS Fall Fling. 32ct linen in Moonglow from Picture This Plus with JAR Designs thread. Changed "Happy Holidays" to "Mother's Night". Approx. 6 hrs. to complete.

That makes a total of 21 conpleted projects for the year. Up from the 17 completetions of 2005. NO resolution to do more in 2007; just keep up the fun.

Speaking of resolutions: Mine for 2005 was to bring my cholesterol down below 200, and my weight down to 155. Starting of both on Jan.1 was Cholesterol 365, Weight 167.

I am happy to report my cholesterol was 171 at the beginning of September, thanks to diet change, exercise, and medication (darn heretige). My weight as of 5 minutes ago is 156!

2007 resolutions:
I will continue to exercise and eat right.
I will focus more on cleaning and organizing my house.

Edit: I realized I had a couple of stitchy resolutions. One is to continue to take part in the 50 project challenge. The other is to take part in Sharon's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" challenge; I'm looking forward to learning new stitches on this.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Lisa. Thanks for your warm wishes. Hope that 2007 will be a very good year for you and your family.

Good luck with all your worthwhile projects. Keep up your exercise regime and your healthy diet. Take care!


Meari said...

Congrats on your final finish of 2006. Good luck with your resolutions. I'm almost finished with my challenge. Yay!