Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Myrtle Beach Day 3 / Fling Day 1

Busy day today. Registration officially began. Check out this registration bag!
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And the piece de resistance!
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Sweet, huh?

A lot of running around today. Mostly grocery store and last minute items forgotten for the gift exchange (like the wrapping paper).

The group has corrupted me by introducing me to Italian charm bracelets. I’m hoping my daughter is just as corruptible!

The day ended with candy making class. Peppermint patties, molded chocolate, peanut butter cups, etc.
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Unfortunately, I had to bow out early. I am worn out! Maybe I shouldn’t have gone for a workout this morning. After a full night’s sleep, I’ll be raring to go for tomorrow. Broadway and the mall!!

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Meari said...

That's a nice registration bag. The fabric looks really pretty!