Monday, October 16, 2006

Myrtle Beach Day 1

WARNING: Rant ensued until blood sugar levels rose.

I’m not impressed. After sitting on the tarmac for an hour in Houston, then having to run to make my connecting flight, which was also late (yeah, just enough time to go to the restroom), I arrive at the hotel around 3 pm without having any food since 6 AM. I then spend then next hour trying to get in my room. The keys don’t work. Maintenance is called 3 times before they show up 1 hour later. During this time, I decide to go ahead and find a restaurant close by to grab some food…NONE ARE OPEN! And the corner store? Nope, not that either! A lady at the bus stop pointed me to the hotel across the street that had an open mini-mart. Great, lots of walking, running and lugging of suitcases without food. So I got back to my hotel, waited another 15 minutes (after call #3). Not a good first impression and I certainly hope the rest of the week does not go like this.
It probably won’t; I’m just all sorts of pissy because I haven’t eaten all day.

Yeah! Pizza rolls are done!


Got a meal in me, unpacked, and taken a shower (the humidity makes me feel like home). I’m definitely more human.

After a good night’s sleep tonight, I’ll let tomorrow be my first impression.

Now to do some stitching and figure out the TV stations…please let me find “Heros” tonight.

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Meari said...

Dang girl... Glad you got some food in ya! I was starting to see a lil monster emerge. ;-) Did ya get to see Heroes? I've been catching the end of it after I get home from class. I'm sorta piecing it together...